​A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both
-- Dwight D. Eisenhower

Thank you for Helping the Nolan Family Foundation Make a Difference

The Nolan Foundation is dedicated to inspiring young people entering the business world to set a course of integrity and ethical behavior from which they will never depart no matter the circumstances. Because of Jim and Theresa Nolan’s strong ties to the fresh produce industry, Theresa decided that the initial scholarships for these young people should benefit the people who have dedicated their lives to growing, distributing and selling fresh fruit and vegetables.


There is nothing better for the health of all people everywhere than the food that is grown and sold in this noble profession. But physical health is not enough in a world that challenges our moral and ethical principles daily. Mental and ethical strength is necessary to face the pressures to balance the desire for profit with the importance of sticking to one’s values. We want to help these young people achieve success in the fullest sense of that word. Please help us with this goal. Give what you can by donating through the link below.​

Thank you for your generous donation!


It will help young people achieve true success.​