Jim and Theresa Nolan
at their home on Cape Cod Bay

Mission Statement


The Nolan Foundation exists to encourage and stimulate conscious awareness of the critical need for ethical behavior and leadership in business and the workplace.




The Nolan Foundation believes:


That truth should be the basis for all professional relationships.

That choosing to do the right thing is more important than the choosing to do the most convenient thing.

That fairness and equity are vitally important in business partnerships.

That ethical integrity is the most valuable asset for an individual, company or corporation.

That character is more valuable than financial profit.





Raise awareness of ethical issues in the business community by generating publicity around the foundations philanthropic efforts.




Provide scholarships to college students in an effort to reinforce in the minds of young people at the start of their careers, the need for character, integrity and ethical behavior in their professional lives.

Create and administer an annual award for business leaders who exemplify outstanding ethical leadership.

Secure speaking engagements by the foundations founder, Theresa Nolan, to address business communities, conventions and corporate meetings about the need for ethical leadership.

Highlight news, events, media and stories that address the subject of ethics and integrity in business.